Information about 250 Gallons Propane Tank

Normally, 250 they are used in homes. The usage of propane tanks increases in the winter season. The benefit is that it comes with flexibility. You can either decide to keep it on the ground or you can also bury it underground.


250 gallon size is the standard size of these type of tanks. San Antonio is  biggest city who consumes such type of them.

It has the capacity of holding propane amounting to Two-Hundred gallons of propane. Mathematically, it will be 80% full.

The propane tank of 250 gallons has a capacity of containing 18,300,000.00 BTU of propane Gas.

These propane tanks are easily available in the market. If you are thinking to make temporary arrangements for gas supply, still this is a good idea.

The installation is made according to the set principles of RRC and other codes which are to be adhered locally.

The best thing about 250 gallon is that price of regulators and blocks are inclusive of overall price that is charged. You don’t have to purchase them apart.

You will also be given anode bags when you will decide to bury propane tank underground.


Propane Tank Dimension (Outside) : 30 ” X 93 ”
Weight (when empty): 670 lbs (Approx)

Underground Tank’s Hole Dimensions

Deep: 40”

Wide: 4’

Long: 8 foot

You will need 6”-8” sand to lay on the surface for a measurement of 32” finish level. You will need 37” if you are going to use concrete.

How to install